Видео: Diana Stormrider .22 - FULL REVIEW

Diana Stormrider .22 PCP Review + Shooting

Diana Stormrider in .22 https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/diana-stormrider-pcp-air-rifle?a=2168107 Pump for the ...


The Diana Stormrider is a popular PCP but it scores pretty low on my list and I think that there are better airguns in the same price ...

Diana Stormrider PCP Air Rifle review

If you’ve wanted your own PCP airgun but the price has held you back, the Stormrider gives you a budget-friendly PCP design ...

diana stormrider pcp 22 cal 100 yards accuracy test

diana stormrider 22 cal shooting crossman hp 14.3.

Diana Stormrider Breaking the cost barrier into PCP Airgunning! - Airgun Review by AirgunWeb

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Stormrider GEN 2! Testing the CHEAPEST 1200 FPS PCP Airgun!!! Amazing results!

Welcome back friends! Today we look at the cheapest way to get into the REPEATING PCP GAME!

Airgun Hunt: Diana Stormrider Field Review.... Rabbit Hunting

In this video I take a look at how the Diana Stormrider handles under field conditions and we'll discuss rabbit hunting with this ...

Diana Stormrider PCP Air Rifle - Plinking At 100 Yards

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Airgun Hunting: Diana Stormrider on pest control duty

Airgun Hunting on a Budget: Pest Control with the Stormrider In this video I ask and answer the question, can you hunt effectively ...

Diana Stormrider .22 Cal PCP Pellet Rifle Review $199.99 (Made in China)

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Diana Stormrider Sub $200 .22 Cal PCP Pellet Rifle With Barrel Fix

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DIANA STORMRIDER .22 WITH 526cc air capacity

Using 15.89gr pellets I shot at 25 yrds 21 pellets zeroing the rifle. First 14 shots were on target. The last 7 shots dropped. 3 shots ...

BEEMAN Chief vs MRODAIR (Diana Stormrider) Accuracy @45yd

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diana stormrider 22cal pcp out of box 45 yards

22 cal hatsan vortex pellet 13.12 gr crossman 3-9x32.

Install Altaros regulator to Diana Stormrider

Installation of Altaros airgun regulator for Diana Stormrider. For more information about us, our work and products visit ...

Air Rifle Squirrel hunt

A squirrel hunt in the Tennessee hardwoods in early November, using my new Diana Stormrider air rifle. This is actually a review ...

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