Видео: Rogue Legacy in 13:41 (WR from v1.0.9)

Rogue Legacy: Thanatophobia Playthrough

A full playthrough of Rogue Legacy, in which the requirements to unlock the Thanatophobia achievement have been applied.

Any% (No OOB) speedrun new World Record in 9:53 07/13/19 patch 1.4.1 [Rogue Legacy]

I lost some time with bad decisions in the castle but I had some fast boss doors, got the shinobis that I needed, and didn't choke.

Rogue Legacy - Review

Phil Kollar reviews Rogue Legacy. Read more at Polygon: http://www.polygon.com/game/rogue-legacy/13257 Review by Phil ...

Zero Deaths Victory! World First! World Record! [Rogue Legacy]

Beating the game without dying or glitching out of bounds. Technically the world first was a few days before this, but technical ...

Rogue Legacy All Boss Battles And Strategies

Rogue Legacy, Rogue-like meets castlevania. This part is just all boss battles in the game. Thanks for watching and subsribe for ...

Let's Play Rogue Legacy - Entering NG+40

Time to slog through the 'end game' of Rogue Legacy in this update! Thanks to Psychedelic Eyeball for guesting.

Any% new World Record in 9:49 07/14/19 [Rogue Legacy]

This is a frustrating category due to having to drop into the castle to trigger the invincibility glitch. I only ran it again to get my time ...

Rogue Legacy - All bosses in NG+10

Just playing some Rogue Legacy, defeating all of the bosses with one character.

100% No Major Glitches speedrun World Record (08/11/17) - 4:09:55 [Rogue Legacy]

New world record for 100% No Major Glitches (No Out of Bounds or Forced Crash). 4h09m55s -- Watch live at ...

Rogue Legacy [Lvl 507]NG+51-1 Archmage vs all the bosses

1 LEGENDARY Archmage takes on all 5 bosses and crushes it.

Rogue Legacy - Full Game Playthrough (No Commentary)

Many thanks for watching. Subscribe for more full games. Please note that any cross-fades in the video are cuts in the recording.

Rogue Legacy - A Hero is Born Every Minute Trailer | PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Rogue Legacy, the critically acclaimed genealogical rogue-''LITE'', has arrived. Every time you die, your children succeed you.

One Death 100% Speedrun in 5:12:11 [Rogue Legacy]

Using every trick in the book to do a 100% speedrun with only one death in 5:12:11. Sir Darwin goes beastmode. -- Watch live at ...

Rogue Legacy fan mod - lament of Zors - First impressions

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/smight.

NG+57 to NG+61 [Rogue Legacy]

I was too drunk to do speed runs and I didn't have any recordings of my high NG+ runs saved, so here's NG+57 to NG+61.

МАГИЯ И РУНЫ [Rogue Legacy]

Посмотреть все видео можно здесь: Hollow Knight ...

Rogue Legacy | PART 1

Incompetence definitely runs in this family. Series Playlist: ...

Rogue Legacy - Credits Glitch

Thought this was an interesting bug; timestop when exiting the final boss room creates antics. Whole boss fight is shown to demo ...

No Architect (Thanatophobia) any% speedrun -15:52 (old world record) 09/24/15 [Rogue Legacy]

Ponce on first life, Khidr and Alexander on second life, Herodotus and The Fountain on third life. I'm pretty sure I'll never beat this ...

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